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Spring is coming! Sunshine makes us optimistic and remind us carefree summer days. But these past days we spend at our homes. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have thousands of ideas! Huge amount of relax, a lot of fun and some challenges, it is our recipe for these days. Let’s introduce you with our #stayhome checklist.


We know that sometimes looking for things in our wardrobes aren’t so much fun especially when there is artistic mess in it. This is the right time to finally make general cleanup.

March is a perfect moment for review your wardrobe, select things for these season and say goodbye for non useful clothes and of course create a must have list before go shopping.

Remember that clothes you don’t want wear anymore you can give away or sell on the Internet. Don’t waste well-condition things - they can be useful for somebody else :)


We all love capture special moments, these crazy and unexpectable and these well-organized, with our family or friends. Most of us have plenty of photos and sometimes don't have enough time to set in proper order. Maybe this is the right time to do this?

It is much more enjoyable when your housemates also get involved! We are sure that this is gonna be a lot of fun and thanks to this you remind all your crazy journeys! Maybe also you make a new trip plan ;)


Everyone of us needs just a bit time for relax. Sometimes with casual duties we forget that we should take care of ourselves to be able take care of our loved once :) A this spare time prepare SPA at your home. It cans be a ritual bath, use peeling all over your body or just pedicure, something very special to you :)

We like feel and look beautifully. Remember also about well-being. Using meditation, cutting of from the net or just talking with your best friend definetly affect on your mood. We know that #naokogirls society has a lot of empowered woman and we have hope that your mood is gonna to be much more better every day ;)

We decide spend these days at home with comfortable tracksuit, pony tail and a cup of our fav tea.

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