WE’LL PLANT 5000 TREES - summary of "PLANT A TREE" event

Nature is our endless source of inspirations. It is able to delight us, learns us humility and respect.

We had realized that clothing industry has a lot of bad influence on our environment that’s why we decided to do something right, with your help, we’ll plant a magical NAOKO forest.

Every sold jacket from Shades of nature collection changes into 1 new tree planted in one of the forest close to our city. We didn’t expect that this is going to be such a huge success together we plant 5000 trees! I can’t find the right words how grateful I am for your enormous input to our planet!

We want thank you with all our hearts and we are going to share with you our effects soon <3 We are proud of the fact that together we can change our reality! Even small steps, everyday choices could be the most important. We should take care of our planet because it is the most beautiful home which we could ever imagine.

Please remember, our brand everytime chooses textile from Polish, local companies, our polyester came from recycling and when we pack your order we do our best to minimize using of foil. Each of our boxes are sent for recycling. Of course we care a lot of segregate our wastes.

We want make sure you that our products are for conscious and involved in saving our planet people.

We love our planet,

we don’t want to hurt it,

so maybe you have any other ideas how we could make our environment much healthier,

please let us know, always can contact us: shop@naoko-store.pl

Join us #naokogirls

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