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We care about your privacy and we want you to feel comfortable during your shopping experience. Because of that we would like to present to you information about rules of processing personal data and cookies which we use. This information are prepared in account with GDPR.

Administrator of personal data of is company:

NOHATE POLAND Jacek Szyndler

Ul. Romanowska 55B/32B,
91-174 Łódź

NIP: 9471888490

2. With respect of your rights as a subject of personal data and respect of law, particularly Decree of European Parliament and Council (UE) 2016/679 from 27th of April 2016 called GDPR, decree from 10th of May 2018 called Act and other proper decrees about data protection, we are obliged to save security and data privacy sourced from you. All employees are properly trained about data processing and our company as Administrator of Personal Data uses proper security and technics and organizational methods for the best security of your personal data. We use procedures and data protection agreeable with GDPR, because of which we provide law compatibility and honesty in data processing, also enforcement all your rights as a proprietors of personal data. Additionally we cooperate with the supervisor in Poland called President of Department of Data Protection.

3. All questions, conclusions, complains about data processing by our company (Administrator of Personal Data) called farther Applications should be sent on email address: or by letter sent on address of Administrator of Personal Data: ul. Romanowska 55E/13, 91-174 Łódź. In The Application has to be: personal data of people about whom application is made, incident which is cause of application, depiction of clamor and legal basis of this clamor, and indicate expected way of fixing situation.

In our online shop we keep personal data as: 

First and Second name - When you make an order, you will be asked to state name and surname to let us realize your order and contact with you.

Address – it is necessary to send you your order

Phone number – sometimes we need to call you to legitimate the order or in case of unexpected situations (for example available product) and offer the best solution.

E-mail address – there we send to you confirmation of order and we contact with you if situation needs it. If you sign on our newsletter we will be able to send you once-twice a month information about news

VAT Registration Number - in case you want invoice for your shopping

5. You are obliged to enter personal data which we explain in previous point in this situations: when you want to buy product in our online shop by online application form (order without log in/ order unregistered)

In order to register you in Buyer Data Base – self-imposed; in this case we keep your personal data in Buyer Data Base to make your shopping easier in the future in our online shop.

In order to contact with us by application form which u can find in our online shop

In order to use newsletter – in this case email address is enough

6. Our online shop uses Cookies in order to personalize your individual needs. In relation to which, you can agree with saving personal data used by you, by reason of all information can be used in your next visit in our online shop without entering again the same data. Proprietors of other web sites will not be able to use this personal data or information. However if you do not agree with the way we personalized online shop, we suggest you to turn off Cookies service in options of your web browser. This files are saved in your device (computer, phone, etc.) memory and allows using all functions of the online shop without changes in your device settings. By adjusting the proper options of your web browser you can: remove all Cookies files and block them in the future. In our shop cookies are used for: saving information about your statistic marketing using functions of online shop.

To know how to manage Cookies or how to turn off them in your web browser, you can use help file of your web browser. To find information about this, use key F1 in your web browser. As well you can find proper help here: Firefox Chrome Safari Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge

7. Every customer, as a user of our online shop can choose if and in what range use our services and share information and personal data.

8. The Administrator of Personal Data collects Users' personal data to the extent required to perform orders made through the Website, register User in the Website or perform other services specified in the Regulations. According to rule of minimization we use only personal data categories, which are needful to achieve the goal, mentioned before.

9. We use personal data as long as we need to achieve the goal, we mentioned in previous point. Personal data can be stored not longer than the period we mentioned in previously.

Valid until: law obligation about processing your data will finish

Option of claims related to contract with online shop will finish

Will be rewind agreement of data processing

You will make an object of data processing - if processing your personal data by the Administrator was processed for direct marketing

10. We do not give your personal data to the other countries in legal terms of GDPR.

11. We do not share any of personal data with other companies, without your agree. Your personal data can be shared only for the Polish Administration (for example: tax office, constabulary).

12. Your personal data can be shared with only with the Administrator of Personal Data. In this case, we as the Administrator of Personal Data make an agreement to be able to process your personal data. We are processing your data only in scope and for goals we mentioned before. Without your personal data we cannot run a business – the online shop or send you your order. As the Administrator of Personal Data we share personal data with: Hosting Website on which works our Shop. Post office and Delivery companies with which we work to deliver your order. Other persons, who work for our online shop and who are needful to make our shop works.

13. Our online Shop works with other companies with who we can share personal data: software creator needed to run the Shop, company who realize delivery, company who realize payment, IT service, NAOKO employees, accounting software creator, marketing agency, technic assistance, mailing assistance.

14. Personal Data are not adapted by the Administrator of Personal Data.

15. According to GDPR law, every User has the right to: be informed about processing personal data specified in art. 12 GDPR – the Administrator is obliged to share with you information as: contact details, point and legal basis of data processing, consumers and time of saving personal data. Administrator has to do that not later than in moment of ordering product by customer.

Administrator can not to give information we mentioned before in case when customer already had all of information. By giving us your personal data you have the right to access, but not to all of them – some of them can have restricted facts specified in art. 15 GDPR.

You have the right to get from us copy of all your personal data we saved. First copy of this is for free, for every next copy, according to GDPR law, we charge adequate amount, fix, supplement, update, rectify personal data, specified in art. 16 GDPR, if your personal data has changed, please inform us about this, as the Administrator of Personal Data to update your data in our Base. You have the right to demand a delete your personal data, specified in art. 17 GDPR, and demand to ask us to inform every of Administrator of Personal Data with who we shared personal data to remove your personal data. You can ask for removing your personal data when: we achieve the goal to which we needed your personal data (for example: we realized your order in lock). In such a situation, when you consider there is no more legal basis to keep your personal data or your personal data were used in bad way, you can invoke for art. 21 GDPR. Necessity of removing your personal data is the result of legal article, we keep juvenile personal data (art. 18 GDPR) – you can ask us to limit processing personal data (in this time we do not use them, only save them). On account of art. 20 GDPR – you have the right to get your personal data in computer format and the right to send them to the other Administrator.

16. In reference to the right to remove your personal data, we would like to mention, specified in GDPR, you cannot use your right if: processing personal data is needful to work with law of free information, for example: if you share your personal data on a blog in comment. Also we cannot remove your personal data before we will fulfill with tax office and others.

17. Execution of customer rights may be made by: via the account panel on our Website or by e-mail to the following address:

18. Every situation of safety violation is documented and if we need it, we inform proper administration or EDPS and of course people with which personal data we have an issue.

19. In matters of unsettled right by this Privacy Policy, we work as per Common Law. In case of incompatibility of right of this Privacy Policy and Common Law – we work with Common Law.

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