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Return policy

1. According to art.27 of the Act of 30 May 2014 about consumer rights, Consumer shall have a period of thirty calendar days in which to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. The right to renounce the contract is effective if the Customer makes a declaration of renunciation to the Store within 30 days of collecting the goods.

2. Please send returns into following address:


3. Consumer is obliged to immediately return the goods to the trader, however no later than 30 days of the date of withdrawal from the contract, together with a proof of purchase such as receipt or VAT invoice. In order to meet the deadline one must send the statement before the end date. The consumer bears the direct costs of returning the goods. If the consumer has chosen delivery method different than the cheapest regular way of delivery offered by the Shop, Shop is not obliged to reimburse additional expenses incurred by consumer.

4. Shop shall, no later than within 14 days from the reception of the renounce of the contract by the consumer, return to the consumer all payments made by him, excluding delivery costs, however the shop may withhold reimbursement until it has received the goods back or consumer has delivered confirmation of sending back the goods.

5. The consumer shall only be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from handling of the goods other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. What is more, according to art.38 section 5 from Consumer Right Act, the right of withdrawal from a distance or an off premises contract is not entitled to consumer with regard to contracts where the subject is goods delivered in sealed package, which is for hygienic reasons non-returnable after opening of the package, if the package has been opened after delivery.

6. Detailed information regarding withdrawal from the contract the customer may download here, and model withdrawal form here.

Guarantee and goods complaint

1. Regarding Buyers being the consumers, the seller shall be liable for non-conformity of the goods with the contract. In case of Clients not being consumers, the seller is liable on the principles set forth in the Civil Code.

2. Products offered by the Shop have producer’s warranty. Duration of each product’s warranty is presented in product’s description on web page of the Shop.

3. The Shop is liable for non-compliance of the goods with the contract, when the good sold by him is vitiated in a way it decreases it’s value, usability or when the goods do not have the qualities, of which the Shop ensured in the description of the product, when the goods were delivered incomplete and at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the consumer was not aware of it.

4. Subject to compliance with the terms of reclamation is reporting about a defect not later than 24 months from the date it was discovered. The customer is entitled to cancel the contract, has a right to reduce the contract price, make a replacement of the goods into ones without defect, remove the defect. The complaint will be considered by the Shop within 14 days from the date of reception of items for which complaint was lodged with necessary documents. In case of necessity of expert opinion, the complaint handling deadline may be prolonged by 21 calendar days.

5. The defective goods are supposed to be sent to following address together with description of complaint:


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