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Can winter be stylish? Suggestions for the slope, a date and mountain adventures

Can winter be stylish? Suggestions for the slope, a date and mountain adventures

Winter styling - when we don't want...

Spring and summer are conducive to fashion creativity. We want to compose styles, choose accessories and express ourselves with our outfits. Still autumn can be stylish - we put on wool coats, hats, fleshy scarves and suede boots. The low and strong sun illuminates the world beautifully, and walks among the rustling leaves give unimaginable pleasure.

And then comes winter with all its bounty of frost, snow, cloudy skies, lack of sunshine and worst of all - slop and melt. In such weather conditions, it's easy to give up on creating interesting looks and limit yourself to a casual sweater and jeans. There is much less going out of the house, and extremely warm-weather people try to keep outdoor activities to a minimum.

However, we encourage and convince you - fashion in winter makes sense! And the right clothing - warm, comfortable and at the same time aesthetically pleasing - will make even these cold months pass pleasantly.

See for yourself and check out our winter styling suggestions.


Romantic date - warm or sexy?

Going out to a restaurant or cafe is a nice diversification of winter and an idea for a successful date. Then you don't have to choose whether to dress warm and comfortable or sexy. You can feel feminine and stylish even when the frost is pinching your ears.

Put on a warm, long jacket, such as Reykjavik Sunset. Even if you opt for a short skirt or leather shorts and tights, you'll still be warm if you throw a knee-length jacket over it. Don't forget a warm hat and scarf. Our suggestions to match the Reykjavik Sunset jacket are the Ivory Cloud cap and Norfolk scarf.

And what to wear under the jacket to keep it warm and feminine? We suggest the beautiful Snowberry envelope dress - the dark colors and maxi length will be suitable for a date in the cold weather.

Emphasizing the winter character of the styling, pick up a Teddy Truffle handbag.

Another styling suggestion for a winter date is the It's destiny tie-dye dress, suede beige boots and a beige Teddy Cream coat. Here, to break up the teddy coat material, match a suede Carmello shoulder bag.

Become the queen of the slopes

Styling for the slopes doesn't have to be sporty and shapeless. The winter ski jacket is increasingly colorful, patterned, expressive and tailored - so that, while maintaining freedom of movement, it simultaneously provides thermal comfort and satisfies aesthetic needs.

You'll find the perfect clothes for skiing and entertaining after you get off the slopes in the latest Après-Ski collection. Our suggestions for jackets for the slopes include the Aspen Dreamy Fields winter jacket in a beautiful floral print and the colorful and comfortable Aspen Denali winter jacket. On warmer, sunny days, the Polar Nights teddy bear sweatshirt or the Hidden Valley teddy bear sweatshirt will work well. A sleeveless vest can also prove useful. It is all the more interesting because it is double-sided, so by taking this one garment on a trip, you gain two styles.

The Dreamy Fields vest, with one side classically black and the other floral, will be the perfect outfit for a trip in which you can go skiing when the weather is favorable, sit in a chalet warming up between runs, or romp with your dog in the woods.


We're going to the mountains!

The perfect trip to the mountains is not just skiing and snowboarding. It's about peace and quiet, getting away from everyday life, unhurried time with friends, long evening conversations, playing board games, walking in the woods, getting in touch with nature and warming up by the fireplace.

For a trip to the mountains to bring satisfaction and allow us to fully enjoy the charms of the winter outdoors, we should prepare well. First of all, stock up on the right outfits that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors.

That's why we've created the Après-Ski collection - so you can enjoy winter as much as you like. What to take to the mountains to stay warm and comfortable?

Be sure to pack leggings and a longsleeve blouse in your suitcase, which you can wear as a base layer for walking or skiing, or use as clothes around the house. Three color versions are available in the latest collection: the Hot Springs leggings and longsleeve in a gorgeous blue-gray shade, the camel Mountain Rock leggings and longsleeve, and the classic black Katmandu leggings and longsleeve.

A warm, beautiful sweatshirt is sure to come in handy. We strongly encourage you to play with color and paint your winter in intense pink, and the Bubblegum long sweatshirt will help you do it. It's worth throwing a second sweatshirt in your suitcase as well, such as the black Alaska hoodie. You should also not miss comfortable sweatpants, such as Alaska sweatpants or Candy sweatpants.

For a trip to the mountains, a teddy bear sweatshirt and a sleeveless vest will be perfect. If you don't plan on skiing, wear a Mountain Rose bundled coat or Iceberg Enjoy winter jacket to the mountains.

Winter styling can be colorful, stylish and original. It's not just a black jacket, beanie and scarf. Winter can be multicolored, unorthodox and cheerful, and with outfits

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