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The friends struggled with problems that young people around the world could identify with: love disappointments, problems finding their dream job, arguments with loved ones, sometimes frustrating relationships with parents. And all this not only close to the audience, but, above all, laced with a unique sense of humor and distance.

Clothes from the latest Friends collection from NAOKO recall the best moments of the series and rekindle adoration for Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey.

- Joey doesn't share food
- How are you doin' or What's not to like? Custard: good. Jam: good. Meat: good! These are just some quotes from the much-loved Joey, who had an equal adoration for attractive women as he did for food.
- We were on a break as Ross repeatedly insisted on allegations that he was to blame for breaking up his relationship with Rachel.
- What if I don't want to be a shoe persuaded Rachel her father, explaining that all her life someone had been telling her what to be and how to live.
- See? He's her lobster summed up Phoebe Ross and Rachel's relationship, explaining that everyone should find their lobster, or love for life.
- Hi, I'm Chandler. I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable explained Chandler, when he once again joked in an inappropriate tone, causing discomfort to those around him.

You can already carry these and many other iconic quotes from Friends with you at all times thanks to NAOKO's latest collection. Friends clothing is definitely a collection for fans of the series.
Clothes have long gone beyond their basic function. They are also supposed to emphasize personality, express views, emphasize what we like and what we hate. It can be style, color, cut, but also clothes with graphics, quotes, slogans or photos.
The "Friends" clothing collection is for people who love the series, but no less fond of fashion and unorthodox, distinctive clothing. The coat from the Friends collection neatly combines different patterns and graphics. The bomber jacket uses a collage motif on the sleeves. The double-sided vest has a classic black version and a patterned one, which clearly informs which series is the favorite one. Colorful Friends socks from the NAOKO collection are an idea for discreetly indicating one's adoration for the series about the six Friends. Depending on how they are worn, the length and type of pants, the socks can only give away a snippet of information or clearly demonstrate the quote and graphic. Each sock features a different pattern and color scheme, making them wonderfully liven up even a simple outfit.

Use an item from the Friends collection to show the world that the adventures of Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica are no stranger to you. Recall how much fun it was to watch "Friends" and how, despite the passage of years, they are still a patch on the worst day. Now you can take advantage of those positive feelings that accompany watching the series and have the "Friends" theme always close to you.
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