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APRÈS SKI - winter fashion from the slopes conquers the streets

APRÈS SKI - winter fashion from the slopes conquers the streets

Après Ski from years ago

Fashion from the Aspen winter slopes has always attracted a lot of interest, with skiers and skiers eager to show off their fashionable outfits on and off the slopes. And while today's edition of mountain styling has diverged from those of the 1980s, the love of fashionable outfits remains the same.

Four decades ago, tight overalls, sweaters with Norwegian patterns, snow boots and big fur hats dominated during winter trips. Ski fashion of the 1980s was colorful, glittery and extremely distinctive.

The ski dress code looks different today - designers focus on the functionality of ski outfits, but still the aesthetics and design of the clothes are extremely important. At the same time, the bottom line is that ski styling can easily be used outside the winter trip - on a daily basis, at work, walking the dog and going to the park with the child.


Fall in love with mountain outings

Winter stirs up extreme emotions. Some love it for the possibility of winter sports and the snow sparkling in the sun, while others hate it and would be happiest to sleep through this time in anticipation of spring.

However, with a little willingness, this time of year can bring fantastic experiences - so that after the last of August's warm evenings, you'll be counting down to your winter getaway.

The basis for loving winter is the right outfits. When you're cold and wet, it's no wonder you don't feel like leaving the house. Our latest Après Ski collection proves that it is possible to look stylish in winter, while ensuring thermal comfort. Mountain trips with clothes from the Après Ski collection will be a real pleasure.

For long walks along mountain trails, wear the Aspen Colorado winter jacket, whose intense orange color and large patterns will provide a dose of energy and optimism even on the coldest day. And if you're looking for the perfect jacket for snowboarding or skiing that you can also use off the slopes, check out our Aspen Denali or Aspen Dreamy Fields winter jacket. The multicolored print will make you stand out from the crowd on the street, and ensure proper visibility on the ski slope. Besides, in a colorful jacket, winter will be more beautiful, and putting it on, a smile will appear on your face by itself.

After a day's skiing on the slopes or hiking on mountain trails, due reward is rest and recuperation. Put on comfortable sweatpants, a soft and enveloping sweatshirt, take a mug of warming tea in your hand and a good book to go with it. Thus prepared, relax by the fireplace and enjoy this special moment. Isn't such a winter beautiful? You are not in a hurry anywhere, you have time for yourself, you are warm and comfortable? Take the moment to last!


Create your perfect winter look with NAOKO

Styling in Après Ski style is not only the domain of mountain expeditions, you can successfully dress like this in the city, for a meeting with friends, walks in a nearby park or everyday commute to work. We will help you create a winter outfit in which cold mornings will no longer be so terrible, and the morning departure from home will not be done with reluctance.

For exceptional cold weather and long time spent outside, we recommend tight longsleeve clothes and leggings. In the Après Ski collection we have prepared as many as three color suggestions: leggings and longsleeve Hot Springs in a beautiful blue-gray shade, camel leggings and longsleeve Mountain Rock and classic black leggings and longsleeve Katmandu. Wear the sets under a sweatshirt and pants or wear alone as comfortable clothes around the house.

Wear black Alaska sweatpants over the leggings, and when you want to energize your outfit - beautiful, intense pink Candy sweatpants.


Over the longsleeve, throw on a pink Candy sweatshirt or Alaska hoodie.

The basis of winter styling is a warm jacket. If you get very cold, ride public transportation and need a warm, long jacket for winter, check out our Reykjavik Sunset winter coat. Reaching to your knees, it will keep you adequately warm, providing you with the thermal comfort you need, while the unconventional print in shades of brown, orange, beige and soft purple will make you stand out from the crowd. You will feel so pleasantly and warmly wrapped up, that even the long way to work in the cold will not be acute. Headphones in your ears, a smile on your face and so dressed you can conquer the world.

This winter look will make you feel almost like you are in a mountain chalet, even if you are just going to work or shopping. Winter has never been so pleasant and colorful - in the clothes from the latest collection from NAOKO you will feel a surge of good energy and begin to appreciate the charms of the snowy season.


Accessories - what goes with Après Ski style

A warm jacket and comfortable sweatpants will allow you to fully enjoy winter activities, but it's the accessories that actually complete the styling. During mountain expeditions, relaxing in a bar on the slopes or taking long walks in the city, warm snow boots (such as Moon Booty, Emu or Inuikii) will become indispensable - when it's warm and dry on your feet, you can fully appreciate the snowy drifts and frosty landscape.
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